Civility means manners
that dare to care
for everybody
(about fear of new places)

Afraid of being laughed at
in a place that is new?
Young George Washington
felt that way too.
But when he learned rules of civility
that showed him how to be
and what to do,
he sailed from fear to bravery,
and so can you!
(about hard to understand words)

His words may be old fashioned
but their meaning stays young.
So keep up to date
with Washington!
Don’t wait!
and live his kindness
that’s never out of date!
(with fear and insecurity)

If you ever feel shy
or wobbly,
Washington’s your best friend
from history.

When he tells us what to do
and how to be,
he makes us feel safe
and strong and free.

When we feel them
and don’t fake them,
we can make new friends
for you and me,
with the extra special kindness
of his bravery!
(about gun control)

Free dumb or freedom,
which shall it be?
Stop shooting guns
and you will-see
how it’s much more fun
for you and me
when we treat each other
with civility!

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